Vox Pop is a social enterprise that creates digital civic engagement platforms based on anonymous peer-to-peer discussions between political opposites. By introducing online political ‘speeddating’ Vox Pop aims to break the infamous filter bubble, and bring the political debate closer to the citizen. 



For civic education

Vox Pop Academy aims to break barriers among students by matching peers from different schools and backgrounds. This introduces students to the views of their peers, whilst simultaneously learn practical democratic skills vital for living in a pluriforme society. First pilot coming soon!

For elections

In a healthy democracy, politics are discussed not only between politicians but also amongst citizens. The Vox Pop platform facilitates one-on-one discussions between political opposities in order to stimulate debate and break down the walls of the echo-chambers.


Diskutiermitmir.de | German elections

Diskutiermitmir.de (DiscussWithMe) is the first international Vox Pop platform. After teaming up with Louis Klamroth (from N-TV's 'Klamroth's Konter') the new-and-improved platform launched on the 1st of September, and is live until the elections on the 24th of said month.

ParlemApp.cat | Catalonian elections

For the Catalonian elections of December 21st, Vox Pop partnered with Tresipunt and the Guerrilla Foundation to launch ParlemApp.cat - an app aiming to break the deadlock between unionists, separatists, and everything in between.  

Waaromkiesjij.nl | Dutch elections

Waaromkiesjij.nl (WhyDoYouVote) went live on the 15th of February, exactly one month before the Dutch elections. Beside nationwide media attention, the platform facilitated over 35.000 online discussions between voters from all over the country.

VitApp.hu | Hungarian elections

For the Hungarian elections of April 8th 2018 the creaters of Vokskabin, a team from the Andrássy University in Budapest, wanted to launch a Vox Pop platform as an addition. Ten days before the election, VitApp.hu was launched to break Hungarian filterbubbles. 

Calling all digital democrats

The Vox Pop method is suited for every democratic country that struggles with polarisation in the face of upcoming elections. The Vox Pop Foundation therefore aims to make the concept, along with the technological infrastructure, available for those who want to make a democratic difference during the election period of their country. So are you a person, group of persons, non-profit organisation, NGO or foundation, and do you have the desire and dedication to launch a Vox Pop platform in your country? Don't be shy - hit us up!

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